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Rebooting The Expert, Routes to Policy Impact

Having previously been postponed due to Pre-election period Prudah restriction, the “Rebooting the Expert”  a.k.a. “Routes to Policy Impact” event finally took place on July 6th 2017.

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Nottingham Engaged: Rebooting ‘the Expert’?

The University of Nottingham public engagement and policy impact

Thursday July 6 2017, Jubilee Conference Centre, Jubilee Campus

Conference Chair: Alex Miles (Deputy Director for Communications and Advocacy)

0900-0930 Registration and Breakfast

0930-1030 What works in public and policy engagement?
Dr Jenni Chambers (Head of Public Engagement with Research – Research Councils UK)
Mel Knetsch (Strategic lead for Innovation and Interdisciplinarity – ESRC)
Professor Sir Martyn Poliakoff (Research Professor of Chemistry – University of Nottingham)
Dr Michael Scott (Associate Professor and Impact Officer – University of Warwick)
Chloe Sheppard (Researchers’ Engagement Manager – Wellcome Trust)

1030-1130 Nottingham experiences
A series of University of Nottingham academics and professional staff share their experience of policy and public engagement work in rapid-fire ‘pecha-kucha’ style presentations, followed by Q&A

1130-1145 Coffee Break

1145-1230 Rebooting the ‘expert’
Rick Hall (Founder – Ignite Futures Ltd)
Dom McDonald (Head of Education – The Royal Institution)
Sir Alan Meale (MP for Mansfield 1987-2017)
Farai Pfende (Head of Learning and Development – JoCo Learning and Development)
Dr Karen Salt (Co-Director, Centre for Research in Race and Rights – University of Nottingham)

1230-1330 Lunch

1330-1335 Developing impact leaders at Nottingham
Dr Lyndsey Harris (Assistant Professor in Criminology – University of Nottingham)

1335-1400 The future for Nottingham
Professor Dame Jessica Corner (Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research & Knowledge Exchange – University of Nottingham)

1400-1445 Breakout 1 (session options on next page)

1445-1530 Breakout 2 (session options on next page)

1530-1700 BBQ – Networking Opportunity & Doctoral Research Showcase

Breakout 1 – session options

Policy Engagement: where do I start? (Room 5)
Sarah Foxen (Parliamentary Office for Science & Technology)
Irena Hulova (Office of Alex Norris MP)
Professor Sarah Sharples (University of Nottingham)

Public Engagement: why bother? (Room 6)
Dr Jenni Chambers (RCUK)
Dr Susan Anderson (University of Nottingham)

Must do or wise to do? Writing impact and engagement into bids (Room 3)
Mel Knetsch (ESRC)
Dr Sara Goodacre (University of Nottingham)

Schools Engagement: why it matters and what you can do (Room 4)
Jon Rea (Nottingham City Council)
Professor Howard Stevenson (University of Nottingham)

Evaluating to make an impact (Room 2)
Dom McDonald (The Royal Institution)
Steven Hardy (University of Nottingham)

Breakout 2 – session options

Developing PE activity and pathways to impact (Room 6)
Dr Jenni Chambers (RCUK)
Dr Susan Anderson (University of Nottingham)

Presenting with impact: a practical session on public speaking and confidence (Room 5)
Martin Berry (award-winning director for theatre and radio)

Making the media work for you (Room 3)
Dr Denis Schluppeck (University of Nottingham)
Liz Cass (University of Nottingham)

Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology – web resources focus group (Room 4)
Sarah Foxen (Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology)

Participatory research: engaging communities in your projects (Room 2)
Dr Sarah Pierce (University of Nottingham)
Dr Karen Salt (University of Nottingham)

In the Conversation: “We asked young people what they want from the internet of the future – here’s what they said”

On March 21st the House of Lords Communications Committee inquiry on Children and the Internet published its report, which incorporated a number of findings that came out or our Youth Juries engagement with 13-17 years old ‘digital natives’.

Our publication in the Conversation summarizes the main points.

Submission to House of Lords inquiry on “Children and the Internet”

imagevaulthandler-aspxBuilding on the results from our work on the iRights Youth Juries, CaSMa responded to the call for evidence from the to House of Lords Communications Committee “Children and the Internet” inquiry. Following our submission at the end of August, Professor Derek McAuley was invited to give verbal evidence, which took place on October 11th [transcript] [video].

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Submission on behalf of RRI researchers to Commons Sci-Tech Select Committee inquiry on remit of the interim chair of UKRI

rri_wordcloudOn Friday 23 September I attended a workshop on “RRI in the UK: the post Brexit future?” that was organized by Prof. Bernd Stahl (DeMontford U.) to discuss with UK researchers engaged with the Responsible Research and Innovation agenda how the current state of RRI in the UK, and where the research field might head next. One of the stated aims of the workshop was to “look to develop a strategy/roadmap, which enables all UK academics working in this field to feel that there is a way forward” [if/when EU funding for RRI is no longer available post-Brexit].

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Robotics and AI, Commons Select Committee inquiry

AI_Robotics_inquiryThe Science and Technology Committee is currently undertaking an inquiry into robotics and artificial intelligence (deadline for written submission was April 29th) as part of the continuing national strategy for Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) innovation. In 2012 the UK Government identified RAS as one of the ‘Eight Great Technologies’, leading to the establishment of a ‘RAS Special Interest Group’ and the RAS national strategy in 2014. In 2015 the Special Interest Group published The UK Landscape for Robotics and Autonomous Systems and The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council also launched an UK-RAS network.

What follows is the response that was submitted by Ansgar Koene and Yohko Hatada.

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