Mapping the University’s Social Media footprint — POET

As part of the first year at the Horizon CDT, PhD students are required to complete a four month Practice Led Project. In 2016 a CaSMa was fortunate enough to attract the interest of Andrew Moffat for a project related to POET which Andrew described in his PLP proposal as:

This project will use Twitter data from a number of volunteers within the University of Nottingham staff.  The data will be analysed to examine patterns of interaction on the social medium within the University and with external parties.  Linguistic analyses will be carried out on the data to look for information dissemination to the wider world through social media channels, and to assess external attitudes to the University and its work.

Anyone interested in a first-hand account of the research can find a nice description of PLP experience on Andrew’s blog.

The report summarizing the outcomes of this work is available here.

Based on the results of the PLP we submitted an abstract to the Social Media & Society 2016 (July 11-13) conference that was held in London. The poster we presented at SM&S16 is shown below (click for pdf).

SocialMedia_and_Society_2016_conference_photoPoster presentation at SM&S16


Citizen-centric approaches to Social Media analysis