User Trust – a collaboration with the Internet Society

In recognition of the shared interests between Horizon’s “citizen centred” approach to the digital economy, and the “User Trust” theme of the Internet Society (ISOC), we decided in January 2017 to collaborate more closely with ISOC UK England, and to start to take an active role in the development an promotion of the User Trust theme.

The framework document for the ISOC User Trust agenda is available here.

2017 European Chapters meeting preparation

On February 14th we ran a Webinar to solicit input from ISOC UK England community in preparation for the ISOC European Chapters meeting on February 22nd/23rd 2017, where we will discuss the national and regional User Trust topics to focus on.

Outcomes of the 2017 European Chapters meeting

On Thursday 9 March 2017, we conducted a follow-up Webinar to summarise discussions that took place at the European Chapters Meeting and to answer any questions ISOC UK England members might have about it.

The topics were structured along the four main topics of the meeting:
1. Data Breach reporting;
2. Editorial responsibility for online content;
3. Collaborative security;
4. Security of IoT devices.

Fake News: annoying symptom or life-threatening disease?

On July 13th 2017 ISOC UK England held a panel discussion on the topic of Fake News, featuring a team of academics, journalists, content and social media industry, civil society and politicians.

Fake news has been a buzzword since the US election provoked a debate at presidential level. But fake news are neither new, nor are they geographically constrained to the United States. This global topic stretches the limits of self-regulation as stakeholders grapple with identifying “fake news” and figuring out what might be done about it.
From the traditional Press to blogs, short messages and on-line videos, this topic has challenged everyone, from human editors to machine algorithms, from Roman times until now.

Moderator: Maria Farrell


  • Joanna Kulesza, PhD, assistant professor of international law
    and Internet governance, Faculty of Law and Administration, University
    of Lodz, Poland(remotely): introduction / scene setting
  • Dominic Connor, Journalist: fake news in the Press
  • Karim Palant, Public Policy Manager UK, Facebook: industry approach
  • Gabrielle Guillemin, Senior Legal Officer, Article 19: impact on
    democracy & freedom of expression
  • Philip Virgo Advisory Board Digital Policy Alliance: impact on politics

Video recording of the event is available here

Citizen-centric approaches to Social Media analysis