5Rights Youth Juries

The 5Rights Youth Juries is a collaboration between 5Rights, CaSMa (Elvira Perez Vallejos), and Prof. Stephen Coleman (University of Leeds), with facilitation help from SHM Foundation.

The Youth Juries are an important part of a national campaign that is being led by 5Rights Framework to promote the rights of children and young people online.

What is 5Rights?
5Rights is a civil society initiative that provides a framework of five simple principles for how we should engage with children and young people (under 18s) in the digital world.

Supported by a broad coalition of partners representing both adults and young people, 5Rights puts young people’s needs at the centre of how everyone can behave when they design, deliver and consume digital content and services.

Questions about how young people interact with digital technology are not new.  But they are ever changing.  The issues raised are not just about the social outcomes that dominate so many negative headlines.  There are broader questions to consider about how technology not designed with the young specifically in mind is nonetheless shaping their always connected world.

We have a social contract with the young.  This is expressed in international agreements, domestic legislation and in our cultural behavior. 5Rights extends this contract to the digital world. It combines rights, responsibilities and resilience to ensure the young are empowered to make the most of the opportunities the digital world offers whilst also managing risks effectively.

Our vision is a future where all young people have the fundamental right to access the digital world creatively, knowledgeably and fearlessly.

The 5Rights framework contains five simple principles:
1. The right to remove. Everyone under 18 has the right to easily edit or delete content they have created, and access to simple and effective ways to dispute online content about them.

2. The right to know. Everyone under 18 has the right to know who holds and profits from their information, what their information is being used for, and whether it is being copied, sold, or traded.

3. The right to safety and support. Everyone under 18 can be confident they will be protected from illegal practices, and supported if confronted by troubling and upsetting scenarios

4. The right to make informed and conscious choices. Everyone under 18 is free to engage online but also to disengage at will and not have their attention held unknowingly.

5. The right to digital literacy. Everyone under18 is taught the skills to use and critique digital technologies and to be confident in managing new social norms.

You can read and download the full iRights copy at our website 5rightsframework.com

What are the 5Rights Youth Juries?
The 5Rights Youth Juries are special events to allow children and young people to have a say about their rights on the internet. At the Youth Juries participants will be asked to consider, debate and share ideas about the future of the internet.

There are 12 Youth Jury events taking place in London, Leeds, and Nottingham, 8 in April 2015 and 4 later in the year. Each event will be attended by a different group of young people.

What are they aiming to achieve?
The Youth Juries will be recorded (on film and audio) and the results will feed into a major national report, which will be published by 5Rights in collaboration with Prof. Coleman and CaSMa. The report will be a valuable new source of evidence about young people’s views on the future of the internet and their rights online. This report will be circulated widely within government, industry and academic networks as a part of the wider 5Rights campaign to highlight the importance of young people’s rights on the internet.

Who can take part?
The Youth Juries are open to young people aged 12-17 years from a wide range of backgrounds and areas. Each Youth Jury will be attended by a group of 10-15 young people.

Participants don’t need to have any experience or qualifications to take part. They just need to be willing to get involved in a group discussion and to listen to other people’s points of view.

How will the Youth Juries be run?
The Youth Jury will be highly interactive and it will feature actors, film clips and scenarios as a way of sparking debate. It will be fun and engaging, and will allow the space for everyone to put their opinions across. Participants will be asked to complete a short survey at the beginning and end of each jury session’

Each Jury event will last 3 hours in total, with time allowed for refreshment breaks.

CaSMa’s involvement
Led by Elvira Perez Vallejos, CaSMa is helping with the organization  of the Nottingham based Youth Juries, working with Prof. Coleman on the scientific analysis of the statements that are made by the participants, as reflected in the transcripts of the Youth Juries, and contributing to the dissemination of the results to the public (e.g. Web We Want Festival on May 28th-31st 2015), the scientific community (e.g. ETHICOMP 7-9 Sept. 2015) and government.

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