Internet Society 25 Under 25 Awards

As part of the 25 years celebration of the Internet Society, ISOC decided to look for 25 representatives of the next generation of online innovators “who are using the Internet in ways we can only imagine”.

To do this the asked the community across the globe to “nominate someone you know who is using the Internet to make an impact in their community and beyond.”

To qualify the nominees had to fit the following criteria:

  • Be using the Internet to make a positive impact
  • Have a commitment and passion to make the world better
  • Be making a difference in their community
  • Have ideas that can be implemented around the world
  • Be between the ages of 13-25 by 31 December 2017

The results of this search have now been announced and it is our please to report that Kate Green, a PhD student at Horizon CDT who worked with us on a three month project developing an Online Educational Resource, is one of the awardees.

The 25 awardees will be flown to Los Angeles, where they will be honored in a special ceremony before participating in three days of networking and leadership development. These several days will provide a fantastic opportunity to connect with other young innovators from around the world — and some of the people who made the Internet what it is today.

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