Data Privacy Day 2017

January 28th was Data Privacy Day. With all the news and messages calling for your attention you may well have missed it since very few media organizations mentioned it this year. Here is a selection of activities that caught our eye:

Internet Society

This year Christine Runnegar (Director, Security and Privacy Policy) decided to focus on the issue of online abuse in her blog-post for Data Privacy Day “Shiled & Sword – 10 tips to protect yourself online”.

“[A] powerful way to counter online abuse, threats and violence is to share our knowledge with each other so that we can become stronger champions of privacy and security, and to stand up for others when they need it.

So, to mark this year’s International Data Privacy Day, the Internet Society would like to share with you 10 tips to protect yourself online.

  1. Know the terrain.
  2. Keep your private life private.
  3. Protect communications.
  4. Obscure your location.
  5. Guard your devices.
  6. Prepare for an attack.
  7. Stand firm.
  8. Beware of Trojan horses.
  9. Lead.
  10. Protect others.

Visit the original post to learn more about each of the 10 tips and share your own tips.


On the Mozilla blog “Dispatches from the Internet Frontier“, Denelle Dixon-Thayer decided to focus on Respect Privacy, Safeguard Data and Enable Trust as the main themes for her Data Privacy Day post “Are you Privacy Aware? Data Privacy Day, and Every Day“.

“In a world where apps, products and devices are all powered by your personal data, creating awareness and enabling people to protect their data privacy is more important than ever.”

The main tips for Safeguarding your Data:

  • Lock down your login
  • Keep a clean machine
  • Remember- Personal information is like money
  • When in doubt, throw it out
  • Share with Care
  • Own Your Online Presence

Visit the original post to learn lots more about how to implement these tips as well as the efforts Mozilla is making to increase Respect for Privacy.

You might also want to check out their “Internet Citizen” blog where you can find a series of posts detailing steps for managing your privacy on popular services like  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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