#techmums in Nottingham!


A lot of mums lack confidence about technology but not for much longer…


This morning Dr Sue Black OBE arrived to Top Valley Academy to deliver the first #techmums workshop in Nottingham.

A group of nine women with little experience using computers managed to set up, just in the first session, their first email account, make use of cloud services and understand how apps are designed. IMG_0988With simple words and the acceptance that we cannot know everything about computers, Sue Back has the ability to engage with mums straight away. Being a mum is what brought us together and this is the reason why, as a simple ice-breaker exercise we counted the total number of children that workshop participants and facilitators had altogether, an astonishing figure of of 33 children and 11 grandchildren! Being a mum is what seems to bring all this women together, being a mum scared of technology.IMG_0987


#techmums is all about helping women to feel more confidence and understand the opportunities that are out there in the so called Digital World. In just ten hours #techmums facilitators take mums through app design, web design, social media, programming in Raspberry Pi and also a bit of online security. #techmums aims to point out at opportunities and give mums the confidence, encouragement and motivation to be able to take this opportunities.

We need more women in science, more women in technology and therefore more women in power.

Just to give you an example, I am participating at the Digital Economy Crucible programme organised by the Cherish-De centre, which is a leadership programme in Science, and there are no female professors to act as role models, not even one. This concerns me at many different levels and it leaves me wondering why are there still so few women in science?

As a member of the School of Computer Science, I would like to see more female academics in senior positions, and ideally more female professor that are also mums.

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