UnBias at DASTS16 Interpellating Futures

DASTS16On June 2nd and June 3rd the biennale Danish conference on STS (DASTS16) was held at Aarhus, Denmark. The tagline for the conference was the “quintessential anti-determinist and anti-essentialist mantra of STS ‘It could have been different'”.

The conference included sessions on:

  • Publics, politics and participation
  • Introducing STS and social work
  • Technologies of the self
  • Dreams for the Future
  • Exploring data driven governance assemblages
  • Research practices and knowledge creation
  • Anticipation, Scenario Planning & STS
  • Future Making

In order to build some interest for our coming work I decided to present an introduction to the UnBias project as part of the Future Making session.

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