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Yesterday was United Nations Day of Anti-Bullying, a day to recognize the epidemic of bullying and online abuse that seems to be rising according to recent surveys by YouGov/Vodafone.

Cyberbullying is becoming an alarming problem among children and young people, not only because of its links to mental health and well-being but because it is so widespread that is becoming to be considered a worse problem among teenagers than drug abuse.

Not all news are disheartening though…

Young people, especially under 25, are perfectly placed to actively work towards a safer Internet, ensuring it can provide possibilities and wellness to others.

In line with this work, the Internet Society has launched a campaign to promote that ideal Internet we all want. By asking young people ‘What’s Your Dream Internet?’ a new vision can be explored and, consequently, a mission can be projected to achieve those community goals and (why not) change the world!

The Internet Society is helping young voices to reach further and what we hear is:

And you, what do you have to say? Tag your vision with #dreamInternet and contribute to improving the online world.


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