Launch of #AnalyzeMyData Twitter campaign

AnalyzeMyDataIn celebration of Data Protection Day (also known as Data Privacy Day), please join us for the launch of our #AnalyzeMyData campaign on Twitter. Through this campaign we hope to increase public awareness of the ways in which data is used/misused and establish an evidence base of public opinion on these issues that can be used to support future policy discussions around improved guidelines and regulations for data access consent.

Under the banned of #AnalyzeMyData we will provide daily posts of stories of personal data usage and run mini-surveys for the next couple of weeks. Each Tweet will highlight an instance that was reported where academics, companies, governments or third-sector organizations have collected and used digital data from/about people with inadequate of questionable consent procedures.

All stories will be collected at a dedicated page on our site and the results of the surveys posted and updated daily.

Here is our first #AnalyzeMyData campaign item to kick things off:

  • OK for apps to access ‘public’ social media data without notification, as part of a Game? Survey #AnalyzeMyData

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Should you know of any other documented cases of personal digital data usage that might be suitable for this series of tweets and mini-surveys, please do Get in Touch with us. In order to include it in our campaign we will need you to send us a link to a published article that provides background information about the data usage case you wish to highlight.

Go on, leave us a reply!

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