Get educated…and Protect Your Children!

MonicaBlog_imageI approach the topic of young people’s rights on the internet not only as a researcher but as a mother. How will I inform and protect my children from the complex interactions young people experience online that lead to their mental health being affected?

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On the topic of fair use of copyrighted material …. Gerpe Gerpe

Our focus at CaSMa tends to be on safeguarding the rights of the individual in a world where digital innovation is changing the status quo. While we are accustomed to think of privacy or personal property on an individual based level, the extension of these concepts at the collective or non-human level is usually at the crux of copyright issues. This week marked an individual’s moral victory on the issue over in America: the ruling in an eight year old trial stated that holders must respect the right of fair use of copyrighted material.

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20 Years of ETHICOMP: A Celebration


The whole CaSMa team joined ETHICOMP2015 at De Montfort University (Leicester) early last week. EHICOMP2015 was a fantastic ‘old school reunion’ that gathered well established researchers in the field  – to discuss the role of computing in our societies and the question of the ethical values and consequences linked to the ever-growing importance of technology in our lives. The ETHICOMP community claims to be more than a highly multidisciplinary group of academics and industry related partners, and definitely more than a conference. ETHICOMP aims to be a ‘community mentor’ that would go beyond the usual conference academic output, and I could not disagree with this statement. A notorious aspect of this conference was the non-hierarchical, approachable and friendly attitude of delegates, presenters and keynote speakers and an obvious willingness to be as inclusive as possible. Continue reading 20 Years of ETHICOMP: A Celebration

Dial Facebook ‘M’ for …

Dial_MThis week Facebook launched its bid for capturing and building the market in personal digital assistant services (for now only available to select groups of people in San Francisco). Facebook’s ‘M‘ interacts with the user via the Facebook Messenger app, but as with the competitors Siri (Apple), Now (Google), Cortana (Microsoft) and Echo (Amazon), the serious work is done through cloud services.

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