Digital Economy Web Science & Big Data Summer School

And now for something a little different…

I am very excited to announce that over the next few days I will be attending the Digital Economy Web Science & Big Data Summer School, held at the University of Southampton! In the words of the University’s Web Science Centre for Doctoral Training, here’s the rationale underpinning the event :

The Web increasingly provides a vehicle for diverse elements of modern society ranging from gaming to business, government to education and from crime to policing. The data generated grows not only in volume but also in variety and velocity. These key traits create big data – both ON the Web and big data ABOUT the Web. This is an unprecedented opportunity to gain insight into the ways in which technologies like the Web helps citizens and developers to create new lifestyles and to observe new behaviours.

With this opportunity comes the challenge of distributed big data analytics, trust and provenance and building systems which can interoperate across technical, legal and cultural borders. Web Science brings a strong interdisciplinary approach to understanding the technical and social elements of an evolving Web Eco-system and has proposed tools such as the Web Observatory to gather, analyse and curate web data individually but also forming part of a growing global collective network of observatories through which new insights and new approaches to analytics are being developed.

As you can see from the programme, there are going to be some really fascinating talks and events relating to our work here at CaSMa, and I look forward to reporting back on these later in the week.

In the meantime, I strongly recommend that you keep an eye on the Digital Economy Network’s Twitter feed over the next few days… You can get in touch at @DECDTNetwork and join the event’s hashtag on #DEWSBDA for up-to-date information!



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