CaSMa internships available at Horizon Digital Economy Research

horizon_logoHorizon Digital Economy Research Institute has 13 summer internships available at The University of Nottingham, two of which are connected to the CaSMa project. Each internship is funded for 10 weeks. The internships are aimed at undergraduate students and current postgraduate students. Postgraduate students from The University of Nottingham are able to apply, on the understanding they suspend their stipend this is due to the nature of the funding source, for oversees students a Visa has to be in place already and to cover the duration of the internship to be eligible.

For more details of each internship and how to apply, see the webpage at

The closing date is Sunday 31st May 2015.

The CaSMa internships are:

HOR-INTERN-2015-01: Promoting digital rights among children and young people: iRights Youth Juries

HOR-INTERN-2015-03: Understanding Academic Attitudes Towards Social Media Research Ethics

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