UNHRC appoints Special rapporteur on the right to privacy in the digital age

United_Nations_Human_Rights_Council_LogoOn March 24th, 2015, the United Nations Human Rights Council’s (UNHRC) adopted a resolution to appoint a special rapporteur on the right to privacy, to be appointed in June. By choosing to adopt this resolution the UNHRC is raising the international recognition and protection for the right to privacy.

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Goodbye, Barbie?

Barbara Millicent Roberts, the world’s most professionally accredited and eclectically attired public figure, has been called many things in her 56 years of existence. Fake. Plastic. Too skinny. Too inept. Too toxic (literally). Even too tattooed. But surely the most hurtful comments for Barbie, as consumers across the world have come to know her, are suggestions that her plans for “eavesdropping” the conversations of millions  of chattering children have left her seeming just a little bit “creepy”.

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Sensorized smart devices + cloud services = privacy problems?





This week saw the launch of the Apple Watch, one more product in a growing number of “smart” sensor rich devices that promise to make life easier and better by monitoring user behaviour. Will the Apple Watch be a game changer among these devices? Technologically, the only really new sensor included in the watch that wasn’t already in smart phones appears to be the LED based heart rate sensor, which for some reason is receiving relatively little attention in the popular tech magazines. The Apple marketing machine, however, may prove to be a game changer in terms of popularity of such devices. What might the consequences be if wearable, sensorized, tech truly does become the next big consumer trend?

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Citizen-Centric Facebook


Facebook has joined forces with UK’s Electoral Commission to promote National Voter Registration Day, which happened on the 5th of February. Consequently, every user that declared themselves adult and British on Facebook was prompted to register to vote at the general election. The social media platform recently sent reminders to all eligible voters to suggest signing up in time for UK’s parliamentary election on the 7th of May 2015.

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