Social media and internet growth of 2014

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Although hindsight vision is said to be 20/20, information does not automatically equal insight. Here’s a small collection of aggregated information about the year that just left us. Even without going into speculation about what it means, it might prove sufficiently entertaining for a few minutes.

According to Statista, the social media platforms that ranked on the top three spots based on the average daily internet use time in the UK are Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Take a look at the data here for numbers and contenders:

The numbers are bound to get even more impressive this year, as digital media continues to grow its appeal:

At a global level, the number of internet users was boosted by 7.9% in 2014, giving the current record of more than 40% of the world population now able to access the internet. For detailed statistics by the criteria of your choice, please visit

To round things off, a report that is not so recent anymore (Nov. 2014) but, perhaps, speaks the loudest: annual global ICT data and ICT Development Index country rankings published by the UN’s International Telecommunication Union

Clearly, such growth holds rich potential for interesting social media and internet mediated research that needs to be implemented using responsible and ethical approaches. A challenge, and an opportunity, that we at CaSMa are happy to accept.

With such rich potential, the upcoming research is bound to be amazing. So, here’s to a year of amazing results for everyone involved!

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