CaSMa event at Web We Want festival (29 & 30 November 2014)

WebWeWantOn November 29th and 30th CaSMa will participate in the 2nd Web We Want festival at London’s Southbank Centre. CaSMa will have a stand at the Interactive Market where we will present the work we are doing to develop and promote ethical social media research.

Activities at our stand will include:

  1. A presentation to raise awareness about social media analysis and the ways in which combined information from multiple sources can reveal more about you than might be immediately obvious from your social media activity.
  2. Information sheets about your fundamental rights to privacy and data protection.
  3. Brief interviews to survey your views and concerns about social media research and ethics of internet mediated research in general.


The ‘Web We Want’ festival is dedicated to the idea that the World Wide Web can empower people to bring about positive change both in their own life and in the lives of others. The festival is part of the activities of the Web We Want movement, a global movement to defend, claim and change the future of the Web. Videos from the the 1st Web We Want festival that took place in September (27 & 28), also at London’s Southbank Centre, are available here.

“The [Web We Want] campaign is responding to threats to the future of the Web with a practical and positive vision — unleashing the power of people from around the world to defend, claim and change a Web that is for everyone. [With the] aim to bring about real change at a national and global level.”

“[The Web We Want campaign] focus[es] on using innovative approaches to build support for national and regional campaigns to create a world where everyone, everywhere is online and able to participate in a free flow of knowledge, ideas, collaboration and creativity over the open Web.”

“The Web We Want campaign will amplify, connect and strengthen local groups, especially in the developing world, building a movement to empower citizens to make, claim and shape the Web they want both nationally and globally, so as to achieve the world we want. Rooted in the vision of the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the goals of social justice, we convene around five key principles:

  1. Freedom of expression online and offline
  2. Affordable access to a universally available communications platform
  3. Protection of personal user information and the right to communicate in private
  4. Diverse, decentralised and open infrastructure
  5. Neutral networks that don’t discriminate against content or users”

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